Bridge To Success

Senior Luis Martinez recently won the QuestBridge scholarship which offers a full four-year ride to Claremont McKenna, one of QuestBridge’s 39 partner colleges. Martinez was one of the 918 students awarded a scholarship out of the 15,606 who applied to QuestBridge.


The QuestBridge Scholarship is a scholarship for low income, high achieving students. Martinez has a weighted GPA of 4.86 and has been ranked in the top 10 all four years of his high school career.


He heard about this scholarship his junior year from Ms. Bosques, the iMentor coordinator and applied for it his senior year.


When he  first heard the news he was shocked and didn’t realize until after school.


“I was on the Western Blue Line stop and I remember saying ‘Wow I’m going to California’ I was ecstatic and called my mom immediately,” he said.


Martinez is the first Phoenix cadet to receive the QuestBridge scholarship.


“My dream was to go to school for free and be in California under a good learning environment. My dream is coming true but I never specifically had one dream school,” said Martinez.


Having a full ride is a huge weight off of his shoulders. Now, he doesn’t need to worry about applying for other schools.


“I will be more at ease because I don’t have to apply for anymore schools, but I will still be applying to other scholarships to try to cover the work-study portion of the scholarship,” said Martinez.