Winning Conference After a 2 Point Lost To Chicago Tech

Vinquan Randle

“We lost focus of the game plan after the two dunks back to back.” said Junior Eddie Fox.

In the 4th quarter with 5 minutes to go, Junior Khalid Herron gets a steal and slams it down on a defender. Next possession down Khalid Herron gets a steal and passes it to Junior VinQuan Randle and also slams on a defender. Crowd erupts and the team celebrates and led to 4 three pointers. Which kept Phoenix leading by 3 points (69-66). When Chicago Tech made Phoenix turn the ball over and shot a quick 3 pointer which made the score 69-69

“We forgot the mission we lost track,” said Coach Lorenzo

Score is tied 69-69, Junior VinQuan Randle gets a steal and pulls up for a three pointer which gave Phoenix the lead of 72-69. As they come back down on the next possession they shot a quick three and miss but they get the rebound back and shot another three making it. The score is now 72-72 with 42.7 seconds to go. Phoenix calls their last timeout.

“Slow down look for the last shot do not force or turn the ball over in this 42 seconds.” said Assistant Coach Dyson.

“Michigan!” yelled Junior Eddie Fox is a stall play we used for more teams. Ten seconds left Junior Roger Cooper drove to the basket and tried to kick it out but it ended up getting swatted and a turn over with 4.6 seconds left. Chicago Tech coach calls timeout . Horns beep telling them to bring the players out for the game. They get the ball in and shot it from almost half court but gets fouled with .9 seconds on the clock. The shooter that goes to the line and hits 2 out of the 3 free throws.