Welcome to the Drama Club

Marilyn Ramirez

This has to be the year where students come together, and offer more options for students to have, something to spark up their life after-school. Drama club is one that made everyone drop their jaws to everyone who found out about the new curricular. Junior LuzMarie Bond-Sanchez and Sophomore Jonathan Lee are the founders for the the club, where it just took two people having the same passion for theatrical performance.  They weren’t able to do this on their own with a little help of our new English teacher Ms. Novak, and new Foundational Writing teacher Ms.Flint, who both were willing to help the students run and represent the club. What great impression these teachers made!

“I believe drama club will leave a big impact because one of the points of creating the club is another way for students to express themselves in an artistic way. This club brings a opportunity for those students and making students come together more,” said LuzMarie.

The drama club welcomes everyone in the school, and there has been so an increase of many interesting clubs such as: GSA (Gay-straight alliance), Chess club, Christian club, etc.  a lot of students are dedicating themselves and it’s crazy!

If you don’t know what you do in drama here are words from LuzMarie, “In Drama Club we mostly practice improv, going into different characters and expressing ourselves in those characters. There will be a play on March 16 for those who are interested in seeing the play”.

If you like to act and do theater this is the place for you! Come join the fun!