Are you scared?

Michelle Enriquez

The new movie “Insidious: The Last Key“ is preceded by a series of other known movies known as “ Insidious.” There are follow ups of many main characters in which is something difficult for others. This horror movie is based on spirits and haunting others on what’s going on.

With the things happening throughout the movie it’s something in which others are beyond scared or are interested in what happens with the series of movies, this can be something that’s difficult for others, since it is something  others may see that it can be scary for them.

The main character for the movie is given a gift on talking to spirits in which are the ones to guide her way and she must do anything she can in order to make it out throughout. This is something that she develops from being hurt by her father and then leaving the house, it was something that was difficult since she had left her brother with her abusive father and she can’t get over that. She meets with her brother again after 30 years later. Her brother had two daughters in which she meets not knowing that her brother was their father.

Most of all I recommend the new movie, “Insidious: The Last Key“ for those who are huge fans of the series and how it beings. The movie “Insidious: The Last Ke “ is by far five out of five stars.