Volunteering at the VA

Veterans are people who fought and risked their lives for the good of America, it is only fair to give back to them Students in Phoenix Leadership positions volunteered at the Veterans hospital food bank to give back to those who gave.

“A lot of time veterans don’t come out of the military in a good state of mind because of all of the trauma and that can lead to homelessness. I think we need to remember that there was a time that they were willing to sacrifice everything for our freedom and safety. If these people can sacrifice their lives the least we can do is to give them free food to thank them for their service,” S4 Jennie Maldonado said.

Giving back in general is something that is important because it shows that we care about our community and the people who served our country. There are many people who are unfortunate due to accidents or illnesses that need blood so donating is saving peoples lives. In this case, veterans are those who risked their lives for the better of the country.

“I know a lot of people can’t donate, but everyone can sacrifice a little time from their daily lives. If you want to help you can look up different organizations around you that you can go and help. This Food pantry happens every Tuesday from 11am-2pm (volunteers help from 8am-2pm) at Jesse Brown on Damen. So if you want to help veterans or help your community in general just go for it. Look up online and be determine to go. I think helping you community really helps you develops your character,” Maldonado said.

The students that volunteered didn’t donate the food but they did go and help hand out the food to the veterans that needed it. Even if one can’t donate something due to financial issues, you can always give a bit of your time to show how grateful you are.