Coming soon to an Academy near you, the Film Club!

Coming soon to an Academy near you, the Film Club!

Phoenix offers numerous clubs for their students to take part in, things such as: GSA (Gay Straight Alliance), Drama club, Chess club, and even a Christian club. However, the academy’s student body is about to have a new club through the ambition of senior Diana Guerrero and junior Julian Rocha. Not only inspired by an Journalism convention she attended, Guerrero has a passion for film and video asbeing her passionate hobby. She finds joy in what she does and believes the club could be a positive outlet for others.

“Life can be stressful at times, and knowing that people feel better or I made them smile in some form, It makes me want to continue doing what I do, and I know we have fun filming. I want to share this experience with the rest.” Said Diana Guerrero

Guerrero has listed many benefits it could have for  PMA , such as the awareness of societal issues like suicide,substance abuse, experience in film making, ,and how to cope with frustrating assignments. This could not only aid the students in their academic career and personal life, but could enhance the atmosphere of the school  for students here at PMA

As the Film Club is about passion for video and film, It is unclear whether or not they will hand out specific assignments to its members, preferably allowing them to choose what they would like to do and presenting it to make room for improvement on their next film projects. The club is said to be accessible to all students, regardless of their dedication to it.

“Even If it’s not to stay there, they would be able to go. Some people may want to go just to get an experience out of it or maybe they’re trying to make a video for homework and they need help.” Said Diana Guerrero.

Guerrero has put much time and thought into the direction she wants to pursue for the club, she has shown considerable interest in learning from these club activities, with the goal and focus being about self learning from the videos.

“My goal is learning: to learn how to work with each other, and learn from each other. Also for the viewers to learn something from each film we make.” Said Diana Guerrero.

While there is still thought to how the club would operate and the many benefits it could provide to the students who would want to have an interest in Filmmaking or Journalism, there is no word on when or even if it would be formed. However,  it would be worth the while for students who invest in becoming part of a film in the future.