Service Learning Hours at Phoenix Military Academy

The seniors at Phoenix Military Academy are patiently waiting to graduate and experience life outside of high school. However, they are reminded daily of the “senior contract” and all the requirements that are non negotiable. Service learning is a teaching or learning strategy that integrates community service to plan and reflect the learning experience. One of the requirements for all cadets in order to graduate is to complete forty hours and a project by January nineteenth. This does not mean that other grade levels do not have to complete any hours at this moment. Everyone, not only seniors, are highly encouraged to start completing hours sooner rather than later.  

“‘I have been working really hard to complete my forty hours after school at the elementary school I graduated,” said William Hernandez.

Service learning hours can be done by simply signing up with any organization that helps give back to a community. It can be as simple as taking care of animal shelters or helping out at a medical facility. The Phoenix Military Academy web page contains more information and all documents required to complete the hours. If cadets have any further questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Tobias.

“I would recommend completing most of your hours during freshman and sophomore year since it is senior year and many seniors are stressing about their hours and other college stuff going on, ” said Morelia Lara.

Seniors, please do not procrastinate in completing service learning hours and leaving it last minute.