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How many schools can say that their office clerk buys gifts to motivate students to come to school?  Well in Phoenix on Monday January 8, 2018, each student who came was given a prize.The prize was a bag of candy, a cookie, a notebook, and a pencil. Many students believed this was a great way to motivate students.

“Yes, this motivates students to come more, because if they see they get this prize for coming to school they will come more often,” said freshman Ameenan Sayeh.

As seen in formation for that day, more people came than usual. Some students didn’t even see any of their classmates miss school.

“No one missed school that I knew of. I feel this was worth it because I got some neat gifts,” said freshman Samuel Diaz.

Of course Mrs.Johnson could not have done this on her own. She had some helpers to bag the prizes, and get everything set up.

“We all entered the building at six AM. We wanted to keep things simple, so we decided to keep everything in bags and to hand them as the students walked in. This may sound cheesy but seniors Jennie Maldonado, Aristeo Martinez, Abigail Pio, Odalis Torres and Junior Luz Marie Bond, we all worked as a team to try to make things go smoothly,” said senior Diana Guerrero.

Of course a few students might disagree with the giving prizes the day of and rather give it to people who attended all week, since it can boost attendance.

“I would say the whole week because it shows that they are responsible students and they deserve it and make it only for students who don’t miss,” said freshman Jamie Zaragoza

Although there were some issues, like students throwing wrappers on the floor, and pencils in the trash, many students believe this is a great way to keep motivating students.

Many believe that this is something that should continue on for years to come.