Bowling Conference Champs


Phoenix’s Bowling Team has gone unrecognized for way too long now. It’s time to bring this team into the light and explain one of their great accomplishments in this school which will then lead everyone else to wanting to join bowling in the future.

The members of this bowling team are very committed.

“ We practice once every week all together and then everyone goes to practice on their own,” said junior Luciano Alvarez.

They get together once a week to practice together and fix any errors they may have as a team then they all go off by themselves during the week and practice by themselves until the next practice.

Not only does this bowling team have only one practice day, they have to practice on their own.

“We have to go to Waveland a bowling alley on Western,” said Alvarez.

They have to transport themselves to the bowling alley and either practice by themselves or practice as a team.

Some may say that bowling is a hard sport. 

“I been bowling since I was 7 years old,” said Alvarez.

Some people may be new to this sport but not Alvarez who will not stop training hard until this school is recognized.

Bowling is a very competitive sport which focuses on getting your form right and rolling the ball to focus on getting strikes. Since Phoenix doesn’t have the facilities it is a very tough sport to play because sometimes for practice these players may have to pay out of their own pockets.

Making conference champs for this team may have been hard, but has paid off  since they brought home a plaque saying how great this team is for accomplishing conference Champions.