Eminem Revives in Revival

The last album Eminem released was in 2013 (Marshall Mathers LP 2). Four years later, Eminem released Revival, an album every fanatic of his was excited for after being gone for awhile. Even though he hasn’t released an album, Eminem still won an MTV EMA award with having only released one song, even he was confused.

Revival was not like his past albums. Eminem is also known for his alter-ego who he came up with and named “Slim Shady.”Many people loved the idea that many of his songs were very outspoken and carefree In this new album, he takes a more politic standand racial problems, as well as showing how straight-forward he can be. Some of my favorites were personally “Arose,” “Castle,” and “Walk on Water,” because I’ve been an Eminem fan since the longest and I know him personally,so  those songs show his personality about himself, his family, and his future as well.

Plenty of songs in this album shows his passion towards today’s society. Eminem raps about things he feels is important unlike many of today’s “rappers” who only rap about drugs and females. Songs such as: “Untouchable,” “Like Home,” and “Bad husband,” show how he feels about today’s society in America. In one of his songs, “Chloraseptic ft. Phresher,” he mocks today’s rappers, or ‘mumbles rappers’ who get fame for making up words and rhymes that don’t make sense. Overall, the album Revival was more for fans who really understand him on another level. The songs are to be listened closely, and not to be bump to today’s rappers such as:, 21 Savage, Lil Pump, Kodak Black, etc.

Eminem’s last song in this album, “Arose” shows he overcame his obstacles and how things could’ve been different if he took the path he took with drugs, but now we see what path he took to make him   one of the greatest rappers of all time. Overall, this album deserves a 5 out of 5.