Breaking Limits and Finding New Ones


Junior Francisco Fajardo has begun a new journey of driven motivation. It’s his first year on the wrestling team where he is finding a new but different lifestyle.


It all began when he wanted to get out of his comfort zone and push himself to become better. Fajardo was not content with where he was in life and realized that if he gave his all in wrestling, nothing but good could come out of it.


Wrestling at 113 pounds, Fajardo has dedicated his time to the sport. Challenges he faced consists of giving up junk food, committing long hours after school, coming to practice everyday no matter how he felt, and making sure he always had wrestling season in mind when making any decision.


“If you want to join you will not be rejected, but you should have enough respect for the coaches to come to practice everyday and give 100%. They won’t give up on you if you don’t give up on them,” said Fajardo.


He loves the excitement of being on the mat facing his opponent 1 on 1. The intensity of the sport demands he gives up everything. If he works hard or cheats his  way out of practice, it will show on the mat.


“Wrestling has given me that extra push to do good for myself not only on the mats but off them as well, the motivation, excitement, and resilience I get from wrestling is like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” said Fajardo.


Wrestling isn’t for everyone, but those who push through pursue not just the title of a winner, but