Tramil Wins Posse!

Tramil Wins Posse!

With graduation around the corner and deadlines getting closer, seniors at Phoenix Military Academy are applying for scholarships constantly. Applying for college was the easiest part of their post secondary plan, now it is time to apply for scholarships. Many cadets decided to apply for the Posse scholarship and senior Acacia Tramil was one of them. The Posse Foundation identifies public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential. Posse gives students the opportunity to pursue their future aspirations through mentorship and scholarships. The Posse Foundation will provide Tramil full tuition to attend Connecticut College.

“I’ll never forget the countless amounts of times I was in the counselor’s office getting my documents for Posse, and just talking to Mrs. Matz and Ms.Fairchild about how nervous I was to move to the next round as the final interview date approached. I’ll always remember Mrs. Matz telling me before each and every round, “Just go and be your fabulous self,” said Tramil.

Tramil was matched with Connecticut College in New London, CT and Posse will pay the  full tuition. This is roughly $49,000 per year out of the total cost of the school, which is roughly $64,000. This leaves a gap of approximately $15,000 for room and board and etc.

“I cannot wait to join the camel family, class of 2022 and the next 4 years of my life,” said Acacia Tramil.

The cadets and staff at Phoenix Military Academy wanted to congratulate all Posse winners for all their hard work and dedication.