PMA Blood Drive


Every year, Phoenix has their annual blood drive in order to help those out in need. Students from every let level volunteer to donate blood and most JROTC instructors give out extra credit to those who do. The more students that donate, the more money Phoenix gets in order to help fund for books, clubs, etc.

“This was the first blood drive I attend. I think they can be a great help to the community though,” senior Karen Haro said.

“I think it is a great way to help out.  It takes like 30 minutes and it helps save lives,” journalism teacher, Mrs Fernandez, said.

There are many people who are unfortunate due to accidents or illnesses that need blood so donating is saving peoples lives. There are also disasters like Puerto Rico, etc. who had a lot of people who were hurt and needed blood.

“Blood donations are great for people who are in various situations. Car accidents, shootings, and many more. We live in the city so donating blood is important because of all the violence,” Haro said.

“This year we had a lot of natural disasters and having blood ready for the victims is crucial. Now more than ever it is important to donate,” Mrs.Fernandez said.

It’s good that schools are helping those in need and their community, it shows how much we care.