Mean Tough


Miguel Apreza

The wrestlers of Phoenix Military Academy are tough competitors and have been training really hard lately to not only qualify for sectionals, but also for state.

The wrestling team always has a few potential players but how much potential does this team have this year?

“Our wrestling team has a lot of potential this year. We’re looking good this year but good isn’t good enough we have to keep working to improve our technique,” Said junior captain Martin Martinez.

The Turnout has increased since the wrestling team has from where it started to where it is now it’s just crazy.

“ I believe we have good amount of people on the team.At the beginning of conditioning for wrestling we had about 40 people who signed up but now we have about 25 people on the team. Wrestling doesn’t build character, it reveals it,” said Martinez.

“We have a tough season this year but we don’t settle for less. As a team we work hard and push each other everyday to pass the limits we didn’t know we had,” said junior captain Kimmy Alvarez

“ I believe we have enough talent on the team to have at least 7 people to qualify for state,”said Martinez

Now out of 25 people, 7 people making it too state sounds pretty crazy on how hard you would have to train, these guys in wrestling must be really committed to the cause!!

I personally love how tough conditioning is, but for those who are new to the sport have realized that wrestling is the hardest sport you can be a part of. We do a quick 30 min run warm up, some days we do weightlifting and for the most part we hit the mats and focus on technique and perfecting the basics before we move on to advanced moves,” said Alvarez.

A 30 min warm up sounds like a whole workout session for most people but for these wrestlers that’s just where it all starts.

On top of having to wrestle constantly and train for hours on end, the wrestlers must also maintain some type of weight class without eating any type junk food.

“It’s easy to maintain weight but it’s also hard not to fall into temptation and to stay away from the fast food,” said Martinez.