Northwestern and Journalism

Honors Journalism students were granted the privilege to hear from Tania Karas a Northwestern graduate and current journalist. She gave the students insight about the journalism industry and how to become a competitive journalist.


“She gave out really important information,” said senior Juan Guardado.


Karas taught students that it’s important to have a news peg, which is what makes a person relevant in a personality profile. She also said that as a reporter you  should read everything about the person, be observant, be silent at times, and talk to people around the subject.


“ It was good she was really informative on how she gave us insight of how she works,” said junior Kenny Wilkerson.


After Karas’ presentation cadets engaged in asking and answering questions to learn more useful skills to practice journalism in class. Karas explained the ins and outs of being a freelance journalist and how she pitches her story ideas to different news outlets.

“I think hearing from a real journalist made what the students do everyday in Honors more real, especially when they could relate to the stories she told about interviewing and pitching stories,” said Mrs. Fernandez.