Leaving a Mark on PMA Football

Students here in Phoenix make the best out of their highschool career.Whether that would be joining a club, a sport, or a program to make school more enjouable. Especially the Seniors who will go on to college soon. Senior Edwin Alvarez who will be playing his last year on the Phoenix football team, looks forward in playing football and taking a bigger leadership role because he is passionate and he loves the game.


Alvarez’s  position on the team is  right guard but he has played anything on offense.


“I think that does size does matter, in the sport because you’re supposed to be a certain weight and size and those advantages help in becoming a pro in that position,” said Alvarez.


Being a senior on the team means having certain responsibilities, like passing down all the knowledge you pick up to all the new players.


“ As an incoming high school football player who wants to build a good resume to play college football you have to become very dedicated to your team and become a leader. All while being a student athlete,” said Alvarez.


Football player also needs to learn how to balance everything. They are still students who need to keep their grades up in order to play.

“ It affects me a lot because it interferes with my homework time,” said Alvarez.


Alvarez wants anyone who may want to pick up football while in high school to know that they need to consider on how it may affect their performance in school.