A Wrestlers Way of Relaxing

     Senior Miguel Apreza, a four year wrestler at Phoenix, gives some insight on how to relax after wrestling hoping that it’ll help other wrestlers who don’t have an idea on what they can do to relax.

“For meets I am not tired afterwards because they are a short one or two matches, but after tournaments I am exhausted because there are about five matches in my bracket, and I feel physically and mentally exhausted,” said Apreza.

Apreza is more exhausted during tournaments in comparison to meets because it’s not just a short match during tournaments depending on if he wins or loses, he has about 5 matches and at the very end, if he gets that far in the tournament, he then goes against someone at his same skill level or even better.

“Yes I do feel mentally and physically tired from wrestling because I always have to watch my weight and by doing that means that I have to watch what I eat, and also working out constantly,” said Apreza.

Many Wrestlers tend to have the constant worry of staying down in his weight class, Apreza has to keep a balance of not eating way too much but as well as eating enough where he has the energy to go through the day; Which includes: practice, any extra work he needs to put in to cut weight outside of practice, and meet days.

“Yes I go home take off all my clothes and hop in the shower to wash off all the sweat, then I put on all new clothes, then finally I sit down eat and play video games,” said Apreza.

The way Apreza relaxes is by just going home and doing his regular thing, because the best way for him to decompress after wrestling is by just being home, taking a shower, and losing himself in his games.

“Yes I do I sleep and go for nice jogs in the park,” said Apreza.

When Apreza is stressed he always finds a way to wind down in ways that clear his mind while also keeping up with what he needs to do.

“this year I feel as if I am working harder in practice and at home,” said Apreza.

Although Apreza has been doing wrestling for four years, he still finds himself being challenged, but he hasn’t had to change up his routine because he continues to work hard for himself ,and still maintains to become a great wrestler PMA has to offer.