A Taste of a Lifetime

A Taste of a Lifetime

There is a very small and cozy Pizzeria/ Taqueria on Taylor street. This place is like no other. Their pizza’s are on a whole new level. Freshman Marco Torres, junior Joshua Smith and senior Kiara Balleza all came with me to this new adventure.

Their pizza’s are very large slices, bigger than Baccis. We were unable to tell if the pizza was reheated or not. In the end it still tasted amazing. There was also cheese fries, which were also amazing. The cheese on the cheese fries is not too watery but not too sticky. It is very smooth and has a wonderful and pleasant taste.

. Compared to other places I have tried, the tortas at Damenzo’s are not at the same level. The tortas here were lacking flavor. Even with a lot of salsa, the torta was still missing something. The meat on the torta was also very tough as if it was burnt. The bread was also soggy and would rip very easily.The tacos were very good although somewhat dry. The meat on the taco had flavor and the meat was not as tough. The tortilla could have used more oil to get more flavor and make it less dry.

One more thing that could be a bit better is the salsa. The salsa is very generic and does not have much of a kick in it. If it was a bit spicier the food would taste a bit better. The salsa was more watery than lumpy. Though the green salsa taste better, the red one was a lot more spicier.

At one point the restaurant was pretty small and did get crowded. The attitude of the place did not change. All the workers still answered in a very kind and energetic way. Although a bit of difficulty with some customers the service there was overall very well.

They seem to be better at American foods than Mexican. In the end I would give Damenzo’s Pizza 3 out of 5 stars because there were a few things they can work on.