Zoo lights

ZooLights presented by ComEd is one of the most visited winter attraction when winter comes to Chicago. Thousands of people, gather around for the family activities that await them. Although having to deal with the cold weather, the whole experience is worth it. In 2015 over half a million people showed up to this event                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

As soon as you walk in, there is  a colorful welcome sign, following are many lights in shapes of  animals. Some animal exhibits are open to the public. There are delicious candy canes, cinnamon rolls, and gingerbread cookies being sold, which go perfectly with a cup of hot chocolate.  In the center of the zoo there is an  Alice in Wonderland themed light show, with some of the characters as lights, actual lines they say in the movie. There are also great displays to take pictures in front of, guys doing ice statues live, and many warm food stands for everyone to enjoy.

Lincoln Park Zoo Christmas lights presented by ComEd runs from  November 24 to January 1, from  4:30pm until 9pm.  Filled with Christmas spirit, the Lincoln Park Zoo lights is the perfect place to have some family fun. I would overall rate this 5/5 stars, and highly recommend to tourists and even Chicago residents.