College Acceptances

Many people may be waiting on their gifts to arrive on Christmas Day, but for many of the seniors at PMA, their Christmas gifts have been arriving early as seniors receive college acceptances and scholarships for their upcoming freshman year. Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, seniors have researched, applied, and been accepted to many different colleges, along with scholarships. This process has not been a simple process, as seniors have shared, but it has been a rewarding process.


Seniors have shared that their experiences with the college application process was simple yet nerve-racking when waiting to hear back for their decision. Even though many seniors used the Common App to apply, the application process was different for each senior.


Senior Terena Clemons said, “I found the application process easy, but stressful. The deadlines and the abundance of essays that we were required to follow and write made me anxious about whether I would get accepted,” said senior Terena Clemons.


Although the application process may have been lengthy and complex, seniors received assistance throughout this process.


“The only part I didn’t like was the waiting to hear back because it felt so long. But the application was easy because we had counselors helping us,” said senior Kevon Jones.


After the application process, seniors started receiving college acceptance letters as well as scholarship awards. Clemons has been accepted to nine colleges with several scholarship offers. So far Clemons has been offered $10,000/year from Bradley University, $17,000/year for Illinois College, $18,000/year for Loyola, $17,000 for Olivet Nazarene, $12,000 for Marquette University, and $21,000 for Luther College.


Jones has received acceptances from: Mississippi State University, Jackson State University, University Of Kentucky, $24,000 in total for Mercy College, $68,000 in total for Loyola New Orleans, $64,000 in total for Drake University, $21,000 in total for Depauw.


“I was afraid that I wouldn’t get accepted because of the flaws I have on my transcript. Now I am excited because this let’s me know that colleges just want to see effort and improvement… even if you get denied or bad grades you shouldn’t be discouraged because I’m pretty sure there will be a college somewhere you’ll fit right in,” Jones said.


Clemons shared that she feels  “happiness and hopeful” in regard to her future and what that may look like for her. She also had words of encouragement to share for  those who have not been accepted to college yet.


“I would like you to know that you are not in competition with anyone but yourself- it is okay to work at your own speed. Just because you hear other people’s name in formation or in the counselor’s emails, and don’t see yours – does not mean that you are lesser than those people,” said Clemons.


Jones also had advice to share on the application process. He recommends students apply early for schools and then focus on scholarships to be able to afford their college tuition.


An overwhelming number of seniors have shared their acceptances and scholarships with the school community and to those who are still awaiting news, as Clemons said, “Your time will come just keep working hard.”