Boys Varsity basketball defeats Kelvin Park 103-19


It was a victorious day for the teammates and coaches in an outstanding win last night, in what was clearly a devastating blowout.


After speaking with one of the coaches- Head Coach Lo, stated “overall I am happy that we got the win, even though there were a few things that I think we should have done better”.


Varsity starter Khalid Herron lead the team in points and rebounds. Finishing off the night with 30 points and 29 rebounds.


“When the team works the dreamworks” said Head Coach Lo.

Boys varsity basketball also gets to celebrate this game being their highest scored game collectively. Also something that has never been seen before in the pma record books.


Boys varsity basketball record now stands at 2-1; a win against john hope and now Kelvin park, and an upset against Carver Military Academy. However, they expect to continue this win streak as they look forward to defeating legal prep this friday.


“Get some rest tonight and recover for an all white game Friday, tomorrow is an off day so don’t hang around the school, go straight home right after school” said Head coach Lo.