Mamahua to Marquette

Mamahua to Marquette

People may think that getting accepted into college is the final step of the application process, yet for senior Steven Mamahua getting accepted into Marquette University was only the beginning. After getting accepted into Marquette University in November, Mamahua then applied for a program called the “Educational Opportunity Program” (EOP) for Marquette University, to get more benefits out of his acceptance such as scholarship money.

Being in the Educational Opportunity Program differs from being a regular student at Marquette. This includes benefits such as additional scholarship money besides the money already awarded to Mamahua.

“EOP-SSS assist first-generation college students and students from low-income families. Being accepted into the program means that they will pay a big chunk of my tuition. The EOP-SSS program also provides one on one academic tutor, career and personal counseling,” said Mamahua.

In order to be considered for EOP at Marquette, Mamahua had to complete another application for EOP and complete supplementary materials.

“I had to complete the EOP-SSS application which included an essay about why I wanted to go to Marquette. Lastly, I had to send in my tax information in order for them admission board to confirm I was low income,” said Mamahua.

After having his application and supplementary materials reviewed, Mamahua has scheduled an interview at Marquette University in Milwaukee. About two weeks later, he received a letter in the mail acknowledging his acceptance into the program.

“I just came home from work and when I closed the door behind me, my brother, mother, and father came out of their rooms and came to greet me. I didn’t know why they did that but then I saw the Marquette envelope. We all sort of knew what it was and they wanted to see the results. That’s when I opened it and everyone celebrated,” said Mamahua.

Mamahua will most likely commit to the university and the program, meaning that he will be attending classes this upcoming summer, before the semester starts.