Making her mark in Journalism


After teaching journalism at Phoenix Military Academy for 6 years one of the PMA’s favorite teachers, Mrs. Fernandez became a Certified Journalism Educator.

Mrs. Fernandez, also known as Ms. Comeford, received her certificate last month in November when she went to Texas with the yearbook editors. Fernandez was able to receive this award because she applied to receive it and because she has a masters degree in Journalism.

What this award means is that she is highly qualified to teach Journalism although Illinois does not offer a teaching certification.

“I am honored to be among an impressive group of educators who also share this certification.” said Mrs. Fernandez.

This is not the only recognition she has received for her outstanding job teaching journalism.

Last year at the national spring convention at Seattle, Mrs. Fernandez won the Rising Star award from JEA which recognizes new teachers that are making their mark in journalism.

Surely, she is making her mark at PMA.