Chief Keef released his new album named ‘Dedication’ this past week. It had many popular songs on their Mailbox, Text, Ticket on there. This is one of Chief Keef’s best projects so far as he has been on a role this past year, and has released mixtapes like ‘Thot Breaker’.

This album had a variety of different aesthetics as each this album offered a variety of different outlooks from sleek melodies to piano highlights in songs like Keke Palmer. He also had songs that were smooth and calm to songs where he was more aggressive.

This album had 15 songs in total and each one stands out. This album does not get repetitive nor sound the same from song to song. People have been saying Chief Keef fell off, but this new album that he added to his arsenal just proves once again he is still in the rap game. Chief Keef continues to put out interesting, different and good projects.