Hispanic Youth Awards


The Hispanic Youth Foundation sponsored a scholarship called “The Youth Awards”, which is  specifically for Latino students who excel in their studies and help bring light to their community. There are three winners for each category who receive  a certain amount of money as a prize.  Scholarships tend to be difficult to win due to national competition, however senior Adriana Dominguez won the bronze award for the category of Health and Sciences.

She accepted the award at Loyola University during a special award ceremony with her being awarded a meal for her accomplishments and 1,000 dollars in scholarship money. 


“It felt amazing. If I had to relive that moment when I got that scholarship, I would never get tired. It’s my very first award from a scholarship, so it was really exciting, at first I was nervous because I felt there was a lot of fancy people and I would have never picture myself like that,” said Dominguez.


Many scholarships tend to be national where students from all around the United States have the chance to win free money (including this award). For her to win such an outstanding award where there are many applicants who applied, she was able to place and it must be something she is very proud of!


“I would like to thank my friends, my family,  and specifically myself. I would say me because I went through a lot in high school. I would say that I worked really hard, and if I didn’t have the motivation, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to write a passionate essay,” said Dominguez.


Scholarships such as this are always looking for the best candidate, it takes dedication and hard work to make your application a true masterpiece and it was worth the time. She won 1,000 dollars for her essay and outstanding achievements.


“You have to write your heart out on this essay and about how you feel and the use to certain issues, but always make the best out of it. Try being specific when writing, and honestly write about yourself. Be passionate about your dreams,”said Dominguez.