All Conference


Many people think football is a sport where the outcome of the game cannot be changed by one player. This “idea” was defied by certain players who changed the attitude of an entire team, like senior Miguel Apreza.


“In my four years of high school I have played free safety, strong safety, linebacker, cornerback, receiver, running back,” said Apreza.


Apreza has played for Phoenix since his freshman year. As a freshman Apreza did not start but was sent  into a couple games just to gain the experience he needed to be able to hold his own as as a sophomore the following year. As a sophomore Apreza started every game and played like every down was his last. By his junior year he had already made a name for himself for being the most dedicated and outstanding player on the team.


As a senior, Apreza had to lead a team that was not supposed to win any games. But how could he lead if he was at basic training for the Army National Guard over the summer? Apreza made sure that the team knew that they needed to practice harder than they ever did in order to become the team no one expected. He did this by gathering all the guys in the locker room a couple days before he shipped off to Basic. By the time Apreza had come back from graduation the team he hoped for was built. Apreza had the power to influence a team of 25 men to overcome the biggest obstacle they had ever faced: themselves.


Despite leading the team to a victorious season, Apreza was still humbled when he found out he was named an all conference player.


“ I don’t think I would’ve ever made all conference, I was just doing what I love and that’s playing football,” said Apreza.


Football has always been a sport where games are won as a team, because a great team is made up of great players. Apreza single handedly made the 2017-2018 Phoenix football team one of the best teams in the school’s history.