Hot Chocolate Run!


On November 27, 2017 Marilyn Ramirez participated in the Hot Chocolate Run at McCormick place hosted by Katie Fernandez, as a way to show her appreciation for the city of Chicago.

Just like the city of Chicago, McCormick place is huge! These events bring people from around the city, but also bring in folks from all around the country. This attraction has brought a familiar face to our volunteer Marilyn.

“Well, I thought the place was going to be huge,which it was and I didn’t think it was going to be far. Yes, I did kind expect someone I knew that was going to show up and I saw my middle school teacher, which who I look up too. It was great seeing him again, knowing he helped me a lot to be where I’m at today” said Marilyn.

After getting to meet an old teacher of hers it was time to get right back to work. She was set up at a register and was helping register runners for the run. Lucky for Marilyn she has done service learning before making it easy to socialize and help out others.

“Yeah, I thought the work was going to be easy because I did something like this before on a service learning project in my junior year. I learn that I’m a quick learner and always have a positive attitude. I was assigned to give the runners their numbers to pin on them when they run and confirm they picked up their equipment from the back and I was also assigned to give their equipment as well. They switch my task. I think the only time I struggle was when the machine won’t print the sticker that print the name and bar code of the runners, it will jammed sometimes” said Marilyn.

It was now time to close the doors and turn of the registers.

“I felt relief that I was able to finally sit down and relax because most of the times we were standing the whole time and my back was hurting, but it was a fun experience. Yes, I would do this again because it was great experience and exciting” said Marilyn.

After a hard day of helping out runners get their gear, it was time to pack up and go home.