Senior Class Participates In The Last Junior Achievement

Seniors at Phoenix Military Academy are excited to attend Junior Achievement (JA) High School Heroes program. This program is a service learning project that allows students to teach and empower elementary students. Students are divided in two groups to tutor classes from kindergarten through fourth graders at Schuber Elementary. Tutoring takes starts at 8:00 am until 1:00 pm. These lessons can work with literacy, entrepreneurship, and creativity skills.


“I gained more confidence because of Junior Achievement and it definitely something I see myself doing as a career,” said Ruperto Morales.


In addition, cadets will tutor each class and mentor students with hands-on interactive lessons. Seniors have to attend after school training to prepare for their lessons and last minute questions.  This opportunity allows students to gain practice of teaching and have a chance to enter a scholarship! Senior Christopher Alfaro taught twice and one class


After Junior Achievement, I felt very close to the kids it was sad leaving them. It was completely the opposite of what it though was going to happen kids participated and presenting was easy, my partners would back me up and I them when things got bumpy,” said Christopher Alfaro.


Phoenix Military Academy has partnered with Junior Achievement for three times for this school year and will continue for the ongoing years. Many seniors have gone two or even three times for Junior Achievement and have gained knowledge for teaching. Moreover, seniors have taken in an amazing experience with kids and perhaps a new passion for teaching.