Student Voice Committee

Samantha Lozano

In schools, there is obviously a lot of people, all the students that attend and the faculty. Due to that, there may be problems or issues that can happen and sometimes not all of them are brought up. In order to help out, students have created a organization called Student Voice Committee made up of students to help solve or prevent those issues.

“One topic I think is important is the time that students are allowed to be inside the building especially since it’s starting to get colder outside,” Student Voice Committee member Alma Sebastian said.

This has been an issue that has been brought up due to the fact that many kids get dropped off early at school because their parents go to work and they take them to school. Most of the time, in the summer we wait outside until it’s 7 am but because it’s too cold, we should be able to go in early.

“Yes it is what students are concerned about because we’re also the students that are being affected by the problems around the school,” she said.

It’s good that actual students are the members of the committee because they know firsthand the problems that there are and it would be easier to come up with solutions.