Drivers Ed

Driving is something that teens look forward to as most of the time it means more freedom. At Phoenix, students are forced to take Drivers Ed in order to be able to graduate. Senior, Alma Sebastian, has to take it during her last year, along with half of the senior class, so they can graduate.

β€œI think it should be mandatory because it shows a way of responsibility as a young adult in the future,” Sebastian says.

Learning to drive is a way of making sure teens are responsible in their actions as it teaches them to be more aware of their surroundings. How they act can not only be harmful for themselves, but also for other people.

β€œIt kind of does because it gives the basic knowledge that people need to know,” said Sebastian

In the class, the teacher does her best to teach them the basics in order for them to know how to drive. Although, since there are a lot of students in the class, sometimes people talk and it is hard for some students to listen and learn the material that is being taught.