Wrestling at Kelly


The Phoenix wrestling team attended their first match at Kelly on November 21, 2017  because they have been preparing themselves for their sport by practicing oftenly.


“We practice Monday through Saturday and we practice for about 3-4 hours,” said Senior Adrian Diaz.  


The team practiced oftenly and beat Little Village it was their first competition of the year. Therefore, they faced a challenge to Kelly’s wrestling match.


Practice is important to improve a person but their will always be others who have potential  as well.


“I do see their motivation when they practice, have team meetings, and at the meets. Their motivation keeps them on their feet, even when injured or when situations happen to occur in their lives. They keep on fighting through,” said Senior Mercedes Roncone.


Even if people have experience the first match will always be something people will always worry about.


“I felt nervous because even though I this is my fourth year wrestling you never know how good the other guy is,” said Diaz.


Some however didn’t have four years of practicing and accomplishing improvements during several years to gain as much potential as they would want.


“ I’ve been looking at everyone on the team since the very beginning. At first it was awful seeing everyone not know what they were doing, slowly but surely everyone got better and started to surprise me with how good they were getting,” said Diaz.


Every team gets better with training but there’s always a downfall that holds a team back.


“People don’t push to reach 110% of their potential. People need to stop making excuses for not attending practice and they need to start making excuses for being there instead,’ said Diaz.