PMA Hispanic Heritage Month


During Hispanic Heritage Month, many people recognize the presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans in the United States and celebrate their heritage and culture. Some students will bring the varieties of food or performing in front of an audience to celebrate their heritage. Mrs. Raygoza and other performers are trying to beat time to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.


Phoenix Military Academy will celebrate Hispanic Heritage month with a “Spanish Fiesta” on October 17th.  Mrs. Raygoza, spanish teacher at PMA, has customized her own celebration to bring cadets at PMA the celebration of Hispanic culture. There are different dances that include, cumbia, reggaeton, and folklore dances. Other cadets will bring their famous meals that consists of pupusas, tamales, mole, and more!


“I am working on a performance with five other girls of all Hispanic dances that portray the all the types of dances I grew up dancing with,” said Morelia Lara.


Mrs. Raygoza along with other students are extremely excited to to prepare and hosts their annual celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at Phoenix Military Academy.


“ I am extremely excited to perform in front of the school and proudly represent my heritage,” said Alma Velazquez.