Drill Competition


Senior Derrick Flores, being in drill is something quite difficult for some due to being in drill since freshman year. Flores has gained many skills in his marching for drill. Flores is also in color guard, which gives him a better advantage than some since he is advanced in this.


“ Drill is going great! This is year seems to be our best year considering that we have experienced drill members and have a large amount of determine and driven cadets. “


Flores being in his senior year close to graduation a few months away, is determined to make his last year of drill and his last competition worth it, and make the best of his last year in high school by doing this ROTC team.


If we don’t win this year someone is cheating. In all seriousness we have a great team but there is no way of knowing how the other teams are doing. 95% of me says we’ll win.  “


Overall Flores, knows that the drill team will win the competition because this is something everyone in the team has been training for and it’s something Flores has faith in PMA taking the win for the drill team.