Shadow of War Middle Earth, Don’t Keep this Game in the Shadows


Shadow of Mordor Middle Earth is by far the best game out here a for single player game. It is time consuming and there is a wide variety of things to do while you are in the game, such as take down hundreds of orcs. Also, players can find and fight bosses that are captains and lead the orc army. The main goal is to breakdown the orc army by making them leaderless or ,in general, just destroy them.

Everything is the responsibility of a  Human Ranger of Gondor named Talion. The game opens with a few flashback scenes that show us the loving relationship  he has with his family before Talion and his family are all brutally murdered in a ritual execution. An evil enemy named the Black Hand has purposely sacrificed Talion and his family as a way to gain some unknown dark power they explain later in the game.

Stallion’s ghost is then magically bound to the crazy and nameless spirit of a once powerful elf. It is up to the new Talion to use his own special fighting skills of the elf to put together the truth and somehow wreak deadly vengeance by killing large amounts of nasty and ugly orc and Uruk, berserker and ghoul you can find, ever spawning legions throughout the game Middle Earth.

You must also slip in and out of the shadows of this open world while working your way through the hierarchy of captains and warlords in an ever-expanding army of evil. You kill a lot of orcs and break bones on the way to hopefully finding the main baddie which is the most evil Sauron himself.

I would rate this game a 5/5 because it is a really fun game and the scenery is amazing and I recommend this game for a lot of people because it would keep them occupied for a while.