House of Torment in Chicago

House of Torment in Chicago

House of Torment was an overall  crazy, exciting experience. Buying one ticket to see two different spooky themed attractions was a great deal.


Although it was one floor, there were many rooms that were decorated with hollywood quality. It was like walking in different horror movie sets. ach room had different sets of characters jumping at you and there were always different decorations. Some rooms had just had dummies but then as soon as you would turn the corner there were many monsters ready to jump out and scare you.


They had monsters running wild, jumping on furniture, yelling, hissing, whispering in your ear, and touching your hair.


There was one big empty room where it was really dark with just strobe lights pulsing and different characters running around which had my adrenaline racing.


If you were to blink you would see different characters such as clowns, doctors with big hatchets, etc. It was really hard to just walk in a single file line. Many held their partners and never let go. Others would run and leave their partners behind with the monsters. I really would recommend House of Torment. They’ll be great laughs after you survive this torment.


I would give this a four out of five stars because it did what it was intended to do and that was to scare me.


House of Torment in Chicago

8240 Austin Avenue, Morton Grove, IL 60053

Oct. 31, 2017