Stranger Things Season 2 Worth the Hype?


The Netflix original show “Stranger Things,” had it’s second season come out on October 27, 2017. Season two kicks off with the introduction of new characters and continues the narrative introduced in season one. Season two gave us a great impression, it gave a strong narrative, and was able to keep the same 80’s nostalgic feeling we loved about season one.

The first episode was a great start because  we saw what old characters, Will, Dustin, Lucas, and Mike were up to, and how the town is still under supernatural influences. The season’s narrative still revolves around the Upside Down. We see Will, Dustin, Lucas, Mike, and the addition of the new character Max, get deeper into the mystery of the Upside Down when Will begins to have visions of the Upside Down. Meanwhile 11 meets 8, her “sister” that she was experimented with. Eventually they are all forced to reunite in order to take down the monster that lurks in the Upside Down that threatens Will and the real world.

The main conflict of the story continues the narrative of last season, but in new refreshing way, with new characters, and a more serious conflict. The audience’s questions from last season were also answered, for example; can Will see the Upside Down, what happened to 11, and how will the kids deal with the Upside Down?

One very notable thing about Stranger Things season two was the introduction of new character Max, 8, Billy, and Bob. Although the new characters were interesting to watch, they didn’t have a major impact on the overall narrative.

The last notable thing about the new season was the side narrative between Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve. This side narrative was just as captivating as the main narrative and helped character development that the last season lacked in some aspects.

Overall the long anticipated wait for season two of “Stranger Things” lived up to expectations from the audience. Season two had minor problems like unnecessary new characters and a cliche ending, but is still overall a gripping and fun show to watch. Thus “Stranger Things” season two deserves a solid 4 out 5 stars.