Screening of “Happy Death Day” Gives Death a Silly Twist


The movie recently released, in celebration of Halloween, “Happy Death Day” provides a witty and silly characteristic that differs in perspective to other thrillers. The movie focuses on a college student named Tree (played by Jessica Rothe), who on her birthday wakes up in the dorm of another student. As her day is coming to an end, she dies brutally by a masked killer. Yet, the next morning she wakes up in the same dorm that she had woken up the day before. This cycle of dying on her birthday and then waking up the next day continues, until Tree can find out who her killer is.

Many will note that the idea of relieving the same day over again, is an overplayed plot in movies, yet “Happy Death Day” differs in attitude and tone. Within the movie, there is a variety of characters that are very likable due to the humor they acquire. Rothe demonstrates an incredible performance of her character, Tree, who is in a sorority that demonstrates her carelessness through humor. By incorporating such likable characters with an immense sense of humor, the film is made whole with a playful and silly mood throughout the movie.

Beside the thrill and the mystery in figuring out who the masked killer is, Tree also struggles with figuring out her own identity by digging through her baggage and is faced with family issues. There are many factors being depicted within the movie such as action, mystery, emotional appeal, family, friendships, romance, and finally self-discovery.

Out of 5 stars, this movie is definitely a 5. “Happy Death Day” depicted all the aspects of a thriller comedy that made the audience laugh yet stay at the edge of their seat.