Fighting in a new Battlefield

Battlefield 1 makes World War 1 seem a lot more interesting than it really was  Usually most people think that the weapons being used are too old fashioned to be fun, yet EA gets really creative with the weapons they have to offer.


With the four different classes, assault, medic, support and scout, anyone can find their niche in the game. A player can also enjoy picking up sentry kits, that spawn randomly in maps, which usually gives the player a more powerful weapon and a resistance to higher damage.


So far I have logged about 58 hours playing Battlefield 1 and I am still finding new ways to play. As a newcomer to the Battlefield scene I have come to love the game play because there is a lot of teamwork when playing in objective based game modes. I feel that when you play Battlefield 1 with a group of friends you can really enjoy yourself or even with a group of strangers that all have microphones and are actively communicating to help each other.Which is a bit surprising because in other games people are kinda just annoying and aren’t trying to help you.

Though sometimes people can be uncooperative and do their own thing a lot of the time you don’t always need other people to be successful in the game and have fun.Yet the only thing that makes playing Battlefield 1 a little hard and frustrating is the DLC (Downloadable Content) if you don’t buy it, at times you will be facing players with much better weapons and vehicles. Yet that shouldn’t discourage players from giving Battlefield 1 a try on their Xbox or Playstation,and I would rate Battlefield a 4 out of 5.