14 Tango Juarez

Senior Yamid Juarez, decided to enlist into the Army, Active Duty, in the month of September at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing). Joining the Army isn’t for everyone, and Juarez showed that she had the courage to do so, especially since she decided to go Active Duty, which means she will be working full-time for the military making a lot of bank.

“An M.O.S is a Military Occupational Specialty, or simply put, a job” said Senior Yamid Juarez.

Having a job in the Army is a big step towards your military life. An M.O.S, or a Military Occupational Specialty, is a special job to fit your standards. It is a job that you do while you serve in any branch of the military. For Yamid, che chose a very special one.

“I went with 14T, which is PATRIOT launching operator/maintainer, I chose that job because I find blowing things up to be fascinating to me” said Juarez.

Every military job has special duties, from going behind enemy lines, to being a cook. Some of those jobs come with a big bonus. Juarez’s job came with a $20K bonus as well. You chose a job based on what your skills match with.

“The duties we do, is set up the launching systems, make sure they work and hit the target accurately” said Juarez.

Different job have different duties that you have to do while in that job. For example. Infantrymen have to go behind enemy lines and attack the enemies, someone in supply will have to provide soldiers with uniforms and stats. In this case, Juarez has to make sure everything in the system is good to go and make sure they accurately attack a target.

“After basic combat training, I will be heading to AIT, which is advanced individual training to SIll, Oklahoma” said Juarez.

AIT is Advanced Individual Training which is where a soldier goes after basic combat training, to learn about their jobs and learn skills that are needed for their job and do required training for it aswell. AIT also consists of on-field training and classes that are similar to regular school classes.

“I enlisted into the Army because, I did not want to be broke and young, I wanted to get my education paid for and it’s soothing knowing my life is going to be settled” said Juarez.

Enlisting into the Army has been big for Juarez, taking a big step towards her life, although it is active duty, meaning she will be in the army full time until her contract is over, it is still a big thing. When she comes back, she’ll be ready for her future education and future choices.