Why You Must Watch Daredevil


“Daredevil” is a must watch for those who love action packed entertainment. The “Daredevil” show is about a young boy, Matt Murdock, who is in a car crash where radioactive wastes is dumped into his eyes in the collision. After, his father, who was a boxer, was shot to death Matt trained in the martial arts by a blind man named Stick. Since he was blinded, his other four senses functioned with superhuman sharpness This leads to him becoming Daredevil, a lawyer by day and by night he’s… Daredevil.

Before the series “Daredevil” was a movie that came out in 2003, a three out of five rated movie, and was trash in my opinion. The “Daredevil” movie was not as exciting as the series because there was not any anticipation or relevant scenes.

The opening song “Stairway to Hell” in the “Daredevil”show is composed by John Paesano. He makes me feel as if I’m him. In one scene in the alley of New York Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil fought a man who tried to kill a woman and won. The graphics of the show are dark and gloomy similar to Batman and the rest of the DC series.

“Daredevil” relates to me in many ways because we are distinguished, quiet, observant, wise, patient, and know martial arts. This is why I love the series and why I believe this tv series is a 5 out of 5 rated show people should consume.