Sports Game of the Year

FIFA ‘18 is the 24th game of soccer that EA has made since FIFA ‘94. In FIFA ‘94 there were no game modes, but  in FIFA ‘18 there are endless amounts of game modes. For example, career mode allows the player to either make your own player or be a manager of a club and make your decisions for your club.

Kickoff mode is the basic mode when players can choose to play with any team andalso you can play up to 6 players can play. Also what is cool is that you can play as a legends team that only has legends, but that is only for kickoff.

There also is another mode where you can make your own team online, but you need coins., That is super hard since you get usually 500 coins per game and a high rated player costs about 1,000,000 coins but you can also buy packs and if you are luck you can pack those players, then either sell them to make money or keep them and then sell them. Most people just play on weekend leagues but that is hard because you need to have a good team of real people and in order to have that you need a team with good chemistry and good links. If your team has good links which are the green lines that connects to players then usually you have good chemistry. The benefits of doing these weekend leagues are that you get 200,000 – 400,000 coins and packs that guarantee you 85 plus rating players. These players  are usually very good and you can sell for 100,000 coins if you don’t want them.

There is this new option in career mode that has you have a little meeting scene where you can negotiate for the player.  If I was Real Madrid’s manager I would need to look at the players and what the owner wants to see you do, since the striker is old you would look into a new one and you can negotiate the price, contracts the release clause and how much percentage the other team makes if you come to a deal to sell the player in the future, like in real life.  

I would rate This game Rate this game 5 stars.