Scaring Adults Since 1995

Scaring Adults Since 1995

October, the month of fall, cold weather, Halloween, trick-o-treating, and haunted houses. Statesville Haunted Prison, located in Crest Hill, Illinois, is one of the realest and scariest haunted prisons I’ve went to and is  top rated for a reason.

Even if the name says the theme, Statesville has many attractions even before you go into the parking lot!  As soon as you get into the waiting line many of the actors scare you before you even enter the haunted prison.

There are two parts to the prison, and it just gets scarier and scarier. No lights, small halls, real chainsaws, and crazy prisoners. Some of the prisoners that are incarcerated are murderers, maniacs, clowns, and there are  about 17 little girls chasing you around the place.

Of course none of the prisoners can touch you, but they sure do get close enough that you can get the full scary experience. Part two of the haunted prison is a fun and exciting zombie hunt on an old rusty school bus. The bus and paint ball gun are the only protection you have.They take you to an old part of the property with no lights and just forest preserves. The more you kill, the bigger the prize you get.

Entry for this hunt and for the haunted house isn’t very expensive. The wait is about 40-60 minutes and the drive from Chicago is an hour. It is so scary that you might   want to stay in the asylum part of the prison! No one really knows if this prison is really haunted,, but the feeling sure is 100% real.

Overall, Statesville Haunted Prison is a great haunt to visit. The attention to detail and amount of actors makes it a standout among other haunts, and it’s definitely a leader in the area. I would rate this haunted prison 5 stars out of 5.