Mustle or Hustle

When it comes to building muscle no one really knows the right supplements that can help them achieve their goal, which is why they begin to experiment with different companies and levels of pre-workout. For me the struggle for finding the right supplement was figuring out the right amount of energy I gained from drinking the supplement.

My very first tub of pre-workout was the Cellucor C4 Sport Mix, the back label stated that it would increase my energy and help blood flow to my muscles,, improve my endurance, and  help me recover faster. It did exactly what they said it would except  improving my endurance. I used this supplement every day for 30 days until the effects of the drink wore off. I  gained 5 pounds of muscle from using the drink.

The second tub I had tried  was the new product that Cellucor had introduced which is C4 Ultimate. This new drink promised almost the same as the sport version but the company said the effects would be twice as intense and they were. The amount of powder that was suggested was lowered by two scoops compared to the sport’s amount which is three scoops. The new Ultimate mix worked so well that when I first tried it out, the rush of energy was much greater and the tingling feeling was twice as much than before.

The drink improved my endurance, my strength and I gained 10 pounds of muscle and my body fat index dropped to 15%.

In the end the Ultimate was a much better product and the company came through with their promise. My overall rating for the C4 ultimate pre-workout mix is 10/10 rather than the C4 sports mix which I give a 6/10.