Devastating Loss

The Phoenix Football team was undefeated for five straight games, except their first game of  season which they lost to Marmion Academy, who is out of their conference. The 2017 football team was a team built from the ground up after half the team graduated. The team relied on bench players who saw close to no playing time in the previous year. The team itself was uncertain of how they would do against teams who are structured with experienced players. Phoenix also  had teamed up with Alcott College Prep high school for more players.

To start off the season Phoenix faced Marmion Academy, the firebirds had begun to look like a team, but they needed more practice and more team chemistry. Although the firebirds lost, they gained experience in that game alone.

Since then the Phoenix football team has won five games straight and began to look like the team that no one expected them to be. The next few games led the team to first place. This meant that the remaining three teams that Phoenix would soon face were coming after them with the intentions to knock them out of first place. The game Phoenix  least expected to lose was against Urban Prep West.

However, Phoenix lost that game 36- 22 leaving them in second place. This loss meant that Phoenix would have to win the remaining two games in order to win conference.

“ Losing that game was devastating,” said Junior Luciano Alvarez, kicker for the Phoenix football team.

The homecoming game went the complete opposite way of how everyone on the team thought it would’ve imagined. The Firebirds defense held up for the first quarter but the offense couldn’t score. That’s how the whole game went. Overall, the team’s record was 6-3.