“Scream” is a good show that has viewers wanting to watch more and more.Viewers are hooked after the second or third episode. The more you watch it the better and more interesting it gets. “Scream” is a well known and liked show on MTV or Netflix.

“Scream” is about a cyber bully incident that ends  in a murder, which brings back memories from the town’s past crime spree. A family’s past is brought up and trusting people becomes very hard. A murderer is out on the loose and is out for the family and the daughter.

“Scream” is a good show because it gets more interesting the more you watch. Also, it has you guessing who the killer could be because every episode makes you think a certain person could be the killer but the next episode they could be dead or encounter the murderer.

Another reason why “Scream” is good is because it gives you views from all the characters in the show. During the show the characters say some important stuff such as how a murderer kills people and how he takes them one by one and during the show that’s happening.

The last reason the show is good is that it has you thinking. Throughout the series it has you analyzing on what could happen next or who is going to be the next victim.  At the end of each episode it gives off a hint or something suspicious about a character which has you thinking.

In my opinion “Scream” is a good show and they should make a sequel. Also, if you’re into murder and serial killers this is the show for you. I rate this show a 5/5 stars.