Let’s play a game

Lets play a game

The new movie “JigSaw” is preceded by a series of other known movies known as “Saw”. The main character, JigSaw’s Tobin Bell, is in all eight movies of Saw and JigSaw. This horror movie is based on selecting random people who do not appreciate life and take advantage of others. JigSaw puts them in several games to see if they can be“ reborn “ from what they have done in the past.


With the help of those who survived the games, JigSaw takes them under his wing and shows him his ideas. The survivors then help get the people he needs to play the game. The movie JigSaw is set 10 years later from the last movie “Saw: The Final Chapter” , where Jigsaw is thought to be dead.


Logan Nelson is a military veteran who played in one of the first games 10 years ago. Nelson and four others were in this game. Nelson was the only one to survive and then goes with JigSaw, to continue his rebirth. Nelson then recreates the game with five people as well with the same story as to which he was with 10 years ago when he was one of the victims in the game and was able to survive gave him the chance to gather up the same people in which had the same profile as he did in the first game.


Most of all I recommend the new movie “JigSaw” for those who are huge fans of the main character JigSaw and enjoy horror movies. The movie “JigSaw” is by far five out of five stars.