Eminem cypher towards Donald Trump

Basketball Tryouts, GET YOUR GAME ON!

On October 12th, and 16th of 2017 Coach Lorenzo Donegan hosted basketball tryouts for those who were interested in being on the basketball team.   Due to a loss last season against Collins for the conference win, Coach Lo has been putting in countless hours of work with the guys to get them better prepared. “Reps get you better,” said Coach Lo. The boy’s varsity team has been work...

Diplomacy at Duke University
High School Heroes

The National Museum of Mexican Art

This weekend I went to the Mexican Art Museum to see one of their new to traditional art exhibits that the museum has. This time the museum did an exhibit on the Day of the Dead. The museum was free and you have unlimited amounts of people you could’ve bring. Around this time of the year the museum does a type of exhibit which is called the  Dia de los Muertos: Love never dies Masquerade and  w...

Scream! Cry! Run!
Homecoming Music
Zoo lights
House of Torment in Chicago