Eminem cypher towards Donald Trump

Rappers dissing President Donald Trump and expressing their political opinions has become a popular trend, even the best of rappers are taking shots at the president as well.


This wasn’t different with one of the most famous rappers, Eminem. He is a known rapper who explicitly expresses what he feels. He started rapping in 1990 and years later he’s not different in terms of expressing his own political views.


Eminem released a song in late 2016 titled, “Campaign Speech”, and in that song he took shots at Donald Trump. A campaign speech is used to express his feelings towards personal views, and The song was released on the third presidential debate, fittingly, 19 days before the presidential election. His song showed who he clearly did not want as POTUS. This wasn’t the first time he took shots at a president, back in 2004 he released another song titled, “Mosh” taking shots at George W. Bush telling his fans to vote him out of the office.


In Eminem’s freestyle, he took shots at President Trump’s actions, clearly showing that he despises the president, for example,Eminem criticizes Trump’s Twitter fight with NFL players.,Eminem said that Trump would rather cause a Twitter fight, than focus on other things, like Puerto Rico or a gun reform in Nevada.Eminem also brings up many more problems that Trumps has caused, like immigration reform and racism.


This wasn’t the first time Eminem expressed his views harshly and explicitly, at the end of the freestyle, he told his ‘fans’, “you’re either for, or against” telling his fans it’s either Trump or Eminem. I Before he “chose” for his fans and raised his middle finger showing he did not want fans of his to be Trump supporters.


Eminem’s freestyle solely dedicated towards Donald Trump showed how strong he felt about him, and that’s what rap is really about, fans shouldn’t stop listening to Eminem because even before this, he always released songs and albums about his political view. Out 5 this deserves a 5.