El Chapo


“El Chapo” is a television show about Joaquin Guzman’s life. The second season Premiered on Univision on September 17,2017. It is a very interesting series that is full of action and makes the viewer have all kinds of emotions. In my opinion its one of the best series univision has broadcasted recently.

This series is about the life of the world’s most powerful drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. It follows  his rise in the 1980’s and how he forms the Sinaloa cartel after winning many battles against other Mexican cartels. This series brings all kinds of emotions to the people that watch it. It  makes you feel as if you were one of his men when they get into shootings with their enemies.

Marco de la O is the main character and he portrays Joaquin Guzman in the series. There are many songs that talk about his life such as Los Alegres del Barranco “El Chaparrito” and many other Mexican singers or groups that put corridos together to talk about the drug lord’s life.

After the series premiered on the Univision broadcasting company, the series came out on  Netflix. . This happened once the series on Univision has ended and it’s useful for those people that don’t have time to watch their show on Univision. They can watch it anytime on Netflix.

The second season has12 episodes and it starts off with El Chapo’s first prison escape and how he kept his business going and achieved to be the world’s most powerful drug lord. According to Univision the series continues 8 years after the first season, when he escaped prison and he is at the top and then his downfall.  

In my opinion the second season is better than the first season because it shows the most recent events that occurred in El Chapo’s life that we know about. Once you start watching it, you become addicted to it, you can’t stop watching it because of how intense the episodes are, they all leave you hanging at the end of each episode and makes you want to know what will happen, since the second season is still not over. I gave it a 5/5 because the article attracts all kinds of audiences even kids and other people.