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Senior Odalis Torres, Alondra Quiroz, and Arieonna Smith applied for the Expressions Challenge Scholarship that is a $2,000 dollar scholarship awarded  by Walgreens. In order to win this scholarship they need enough votes to make it to the next round. The first round involves public votes. Voters chooses which creative writing, art project, or video they like most. 

Vote for Odalis!

“The scholarship is about expressing yourself as a student/ person. It could either be a video, creative writing, or Visual art. I choose creative writing addressing the issue of self esteem when objectifying a female body,” said Torres.

Creating these poems took a lot of hard work and dedication to get their message through. 

“This poem took me 2 months to write mostly because I did not know how to write my feelings down. I struggle with writing my feelings down and explaining them, but me writing it down like a poem, song like thing helped me so much and I felt so much better,” said Torres.

Senior Arieonna Smith also entered the contest.  Smith entered a poem as well as an image.  The title of the image she submitted is “Appropriating Blackness.”

Vote for Arieonna

Smith said the “ piece conveys society’s intentional flaws in relation to humanity by critiquing the continuous appropriation of someone’s culture and heritage. With appropriation, often comes assimilation, when seeing your culture being taken from you with not much of a fight it can seem easy to feel forced into the idea that it’s okay.”

Her poem has a similar theme dealing with issues of race.  

“Because I am African American or “black”, I felt that something should be said about what’s happening today in America with black youth. It seems that some not all but some of today’s black youth have begun to accept the stereotypes placed upon black people and conform themselves into what they’ve been told would be their fate. This poem is not meant to down any other race but to wake up the people in mine,” said Smith.

Senior Alondra Quiroz submitted a poem in the Creative Writing category.

Vote for Alondra

The title of her poem is “Bindings.” Her poem address issues of identity.

“You define yourself, not a name nor a person,” Quiroz wrote for her poem description.

All three seniors need people to vote for their poem and image to help them win the scholarship.  Voting is allowed for more than one person!

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